Great salespeople are not born. 
They are made!
Pitch Close Upsell Repeat! Learn your personal selling style that dominates the competition and puts you in control with, PITCH CLOSE  UPSELL REPEAT!!
Here's a question for you. Does your heart begin to race and do your palms begin to sweat when the time to ask for the sale is fast approaching?  
Are you frustrated because you know you have a life changing product or service, yet you still feel trapped by the fear which so often comes with sales? Let the internationally known Business Bully, Dave Anderson break it all down for you in his Best Selling Book ‘Pitch Close Upsell Repeat’  

Dave Anderson is not just a business coach, he is an entire movement! After 31 years in media, sales, business, and half a billion dollars in revenue traced directly back to The Business Bully while successfully conducting business on five continents, you will quickly find that Dave Anderson has a very unique way of looking at sales and business. Dave’s book, ‘Pitch Close Upsell Repeat’ is the blueprint for success when it comes to sales. Also referred to as “a Sales Bible” and “a Sales reference Guide” by his readers, ‘Pitch Close Upsell Repeat’ is a must read for those of you who desire to be better and who hunger and thirst to be, do and have much more in life. 
Learn to sell
Pitch. Close. Upsell. Repeat.  Learn the secrets of  influence and persuasion

Confidently ask for what you want...

Learn your personal selling pattern

Create a business that serves you!
  • Benefit: Triple your income by learning this one skill...
  • Feature: Have the self  confidence to ask for more of what you want...
  • Finally: Bully your business before your Business Bullies YOU...
act now!!
you are not alone!

How badly do you want it? And I mean REALLY WANT IT? 

This sacred sales technology is not for the faint-hearted or tire-kicking dabbler! If you’re afraid of doing what it takes to be massively successful, stay away! You will work your tail off to become the sales pro you know deep down you can be.  
I’m going to show you exactly how to create a pitch that is natural to your unique personality, that grabs attention and relays an image of strength and control.
I am going to show you exactly how to position yourself so that you won’t ever have to deal with nonsense like handling objections. Pitch Close Upsell Repeat teaches you how to naturally bring concerns front and center so that your client feels safe and cared for. 
You will also learn my proven system for getting what you’re worth! No more being afraid to ask for what you think you’re worth! And finally, I will show you how to plug and play this system so that you can enter any area of business that you desire and Pitch, Close, Upsell, Repeat like a Pro. 

If you’re the type who’s afraid to ask for the sale or you immediately begin to feel uneasy at the mere thought of sales, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Learn this one skill and not only will your business change, your whole life will change! Grab your copy today, read it, and go Pitch, Close, Upsell, Repeat yourself into a brighter future.

Dave Anderson
" The Secret of Winning at the game of Sales "Without Losing YOU!
Available for a Limited Time Only
The Business Bully
There are about half a billion reasons why you should listen to Dave Anderson. Let's just start with a few... Dave is internationally known as The Business Bully, conducting business and employing people on five continents to run his highly successful businesses and social projects. 

Dave is also a part of the highly coveted Forbes Coaching Council, and his clients come from all corners of the globe. But that’s not all! He has personally worked with and produced massive results for clients such as America’s number one motivational speaker Les Brown, and has stood side by side on stages with people like America’s number one millennial influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk.  
Dave Anderson has been setting trends and blowing the doors off of limitations for the last 31 years and it seems like The Business Bully is just getting started. Join the movement today! It all starts with Pitch Close Upsell Repeat
Dave Anderson
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